What We Do

Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Mobile Units

JTRA's fleet of mobile units make deliveries to several senior citizen disable complexes in the New Orleans region. The Mobile Units delivery groceries and hot meals to families in need.
Cooking Up Something Southern

Hot Meals

JTRA provides Hot Meals to the Homeless,  Sick and Shut in, the Working poor, Senior citizens. JTRA does not determine who deserves a hot meal. There is no monetary biases, especially to those that make to much money. Hot Meals are bonus to those who need to get help and do not have enough food to make it on a daily basis.
Administrative Support

Medicaid & Administrative Support

JTRA facilitates an array of free services for the public beyond delivery and/or pickup o non-perishable groceries. JTRA also provides:We help those in need to apply for Medicaid. We provide professional application services, error free. Our services are by appointments only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please call (504) 430-5307 to schedule an appointment.